Stoeger Pro Staff

3-Gun Shooters

The rugged reliability of Stoeger firearms makes them a logical choice for shooting sports athletes, and that’s why the top-notch 3-Gun competitors on the Stoeger Team use them. These shooters go into each match confident that the Stoeger firearms they use are up to the challenge. Click to meet the members of our team.

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Pro Staff Hunters

Stoeger Pro Staff Hunters are experienced men and women who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle, conservation, and firearms they can count on to perform in any hunting conditions. That’s why they rely on Stoeger firearms, and they are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with us. Click to read more about the hunters who make Stoeger guns their firearms of choice.

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Social Ambassadors

Our Social Ambassadors are eager to share their hunting and shooting expertise on a variety of social media platforms, and they’re also skilled users of Stoeger firearms. Follow along on their adventures in the fields, forests and marshes as they pursue game and live the outdoor lifestyle. We’re delighted to have them on Team Stoeger. Click to meet the men and women out there living the dream with Stoeger firearms in hand.

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