Dakota Overland

3-Gun Shooter

Dakota is a 16-year-old Minnesota native who attends Lakes International Language Academy, an immersion school in Forest Lake, Minnesota. She has studied Spanish since kindergarten and recently studied abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Dakota began shooting in her early years and frequently went hunting with her dad. She gained shotgun experience hunting pheasants, ducks, geese, grouse and turkeys as a child.  Dakota began competitive shooting when she was 12-years old after participating in a tactical shotgun match. She enjoys multiple shooting disciplines and participates in USPSA, IPSC-style shotgun and 3-Gun competitions.

Dakota was honored to represent the USA shooting her Benelli M2 at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in Châteauroux, France in June 2018.   She is looking forward to a successful 3-Gun season with many matches already on the calendar for this year.