Team MOJO- Garrett Walker

Pro Staff Hunter

Garrett Walker is the Founder & CEO of Quack Rack and in addition is an Executive with a

Fortune 500 company. Garrett’s family were cotton farmers in the panhandle of Texas and the

last thing his Dad wanted to do was hunt, so he didn’t grow up hunting. That all changed when

he went to school in Louisiana and was introduced to waterfowl hunting at 18. He hasn’t stopped

since. Garrett learned to hunt on the Mississippi River and public land in East Tx. When you see

Garrett you will see his Black Lab “Willie", Shotgun Willie Nelson MH MNR by his side. They

are working on their 3rd MN pass and achieving the HOF this coming year. Together, they have

hunted all over North America. Garrett is a natural fit for Team MOJO as he’s been using their

products extensively in the field and in conjunction with Quack Rack. Garrett currently resides in

Houston, Texas.

Garrett Walker