Team MOJO- Rany Christenson

Pro Staff Hunter

Randy was born and raised near the prairie pothole region of Northeastern South Dakota, in Watertown. His obsession for waterfowl started when he shot his first duck at age 10 with his dad. From that point forward he was always scouting and studying the grand passage we all know as the migration. Waterfowl hunting is in his DNA and each year the passion grows stronger.

The outdoors is deeply rooted in the family and living near several of the glacial lakes provided amazing fishing opportunities also. A typical weekend was spent fishing the banks of these fertile lakes putting walleye, perch and pike on the dinner table.

Throughout high school and college Randy always dreamed of owning his own business. With strong work ethic and drive, he was always networking by surrounding himself with other good people. His perseverance paid off by starting a mobile computer services business which he sold by age 30. This allowed him to start his next venture RTI which brought him back closer to home. This company provided warranty service for  Gateway and later HP Computers.

Good business decisions allowed him to get back to his roots and follow his dream of chasing birds on their migration and fishing when the birds weren’t flying. The fast pace in the city left him a little unsettled and being outdoors is where he feels complete. His wife Darcie is his biggest supporter and best friend and she catches more fish than him on most days.

Through countless hours of scouting, land of his own and gracious friends and farmers, Randy has developed some great friendships and spots to hunt. His relentless pursuit is contagious and many of the industry greats have hunted with Randy year after year, capturing some of their greatest footage and social  media content to date. Several of the Mojo TV episodes have been filmed with his guidance on his farm in Iowa on the DeSoto Refuge.

Filming has always been a hobby and hunting with some of the best videographers in the business inspired him to share content on his own social media outlets. This sparked the relationship between he and MOJO TV. Randy brings to the team passion, a sense of humor, sportsmanship and the desire to pass on the heritage of hunting.

Randy Christenson