Team MOJO-Terry Denmon

Pro Staff Hunter


Terry Denmon is an American Professional Engineer, Businessman, Entrepreneur,

Philanthropist and Professional Hunter. Growing up in the vast Mississippi River Delta,

in Louisiana, the State known as Sportsman’s Paradise, meant hunting was a part of

everyday life. Having a father that raised and trained bird dogs, hunting extensively with

them, learning to hunt came at a very early age, kindling a lifelong love for the outdoors.

As a Professional Engineer, Terry has spent much of his adult life practicing the

profession of engineering thru ownership of various engineering companies. This

professional practice provided the means for him to enjoy his main interest: to hunt

around the world. Growing up in a rural environment in Northeast Louisiana where

hunting was a way of life, his Dad started him hunting at a very, very early age and his

location allowed him to hunt by walking from the family home. This started him on a

hunting lifestyle that has taken him to many states, several continents and a number of

countries including seven trips to Africa.

Though not for a living, Terry has worked as a guide and outfitter for big game species

such as mule deer and antelope in Texas and Colorado and operated a very

successful waterfowl hunting operation in Louisiana, activities which tend to greatly

enhance ones hunting knowledge and skills.

In 1999, Terry partnered with lifelong friend Murry Crowe to assist in designing and

developing what would become the ingenious MOJO® Mallard Spinning Wing Duck

Decoy that revolutionized ducking hunting around the world and which was the basis of

the company now operating as MOJO® Outdoors. Terry has since acquired majority

ownership of that company and continues to develop outdoor and hunting products that

greatly assist hunters and outdoor people with success.

Notoriety gained from the development and marketing of these revolutionary products

transitioned Terry into a professional hunter and noted entrepreneur which gave rise to

his career as Host or Co-Host of a number of hunting based TV Shows, Videos and

other public outlets to include Co-Host of the award winning HUNTING ACROSS

AMERICA, SHOOTERS TV and Host of the current TV Show, MOJO® TV. Many

magazine articles have been written about Terry and MOJO® in major National


His accomplishments were specifically noted by his induction in 2014 into the Outdoor

Legends Hall of Fame, an award that has only been bestowed upon approximately 100

people worldwide. This award recognizes men and women that have pioneered

groundbreaking standards and guidelines for the outdoor community. This prestigious

organization’s founder, Garry Mason recognized Terry’s accomplishments by noting: “I

know of no other person or company who have changed the way we hunt, especially

waterfowl, as much as Terry and MOJO®. Their products have certainly been a game

changer for most hunters.”

Among all this activity, Terry has always found time to support his community, having

served on a number of boards and commissions and community organizations such as

serving as Chairman of the very active Chamber of Commerce and serving a six year

term on the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Commission, two years as Chairman and two

years as Vice Chairman.

He organized his own Charity “Caring for Kids” where he raises funds and contributes to

help children in need using the tag line “Who amongst us would not help a child in


Terry has been selected as a member of the Louisiana Committee of 100, an

organization of the top 100 CEO’s and Presidents of companies and institutions of

higher learning, who work to better the State of Louisiana.

Currently, Terry divides his time between his engineering interests, MOJO® Outdoors,

family, civic and charitable causes, all the while traveling the world hunting and hosting

MOJO® TV. He continues to be very involved in new product development for MOJO®

Outdoors that aids fellow hunters in becoming more successful in the field, and he

intends to continue that for the rest of his life.

Terry Denmon